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I heart Shambles

Embracing the shambles and owning it.

Sometimes you accept things for what they are and you become settled in your thoughts, in your ideas and even in your personality. Sometimes the person you are at 26 is the person you resolve to be for the rest of your life, because by now you decided to settle into the complacency of knowing what you want, or what you're are doing and who you plan to spend the rest of your life doing it with. Change is inevitable and when change hits you... all you think you know... you can just as well forget.

Life is just that, a constant change, nothing is certain and nothing is set in stone and the sooner you embrace it the happier you will be. My change started very early in the year and I went through the motions and emotions like any soul searching individual would. I've always lived by a saying that I read at a rather young age " if we don't find something pleasant, atleast we shall find something new"Voltaire. That's life really, if it isn't what we expect it to be, it doesn't neccessarily mean that it isn't the right way, or that we still can't get the most out of each situation that we are faced with

With some sense of healing in place I set of on the greatest adventure of my life, not just because I discovered new places, people and ideas, all of this contributed without a doubt. But because I opened up my mind, and let the idea of who I thought was... who at 26 years of age I was supposed to be... I just let it all go, and I discovered my spirit!

I opened myself to the adventure of knowing that it's ok to not have a plan, It is perfectly fine to not have any clue where all your belongings are all of the time, and that if you just smile and smile i did... the world smiles back at you. Alot:)

I went with the intention of seeing sights and learning new things, I did learn new things... but mostly I learned about myself. I learned the true meaning of freedom, and the liberation of knowing that you are who you are so be happy and live. Life is happening right now, if you make a resolution... stick to it, if you want adventure... go for it and don't stop... and just make sure you have a good soundtrack as you go along.

After a few days, I began to notice a change in the way people were responding to me, a change in the way I interacted with people, exuding confidence and happiness... that just couldn't be shielded. " am i more fun now?" I asked one morning at the Breakfast table, after a perfectly sleepless night. "No" she said " you have always been fun, but now you no longer emit hostile vibes and thats a good thing"

Hostile vibes... you should never emit hostile vibes, even if it is for the sake of someones insecurities... you run the risk of becoming or settling into the hostility that you've created. Don't do it... don't. Trust me!!! Don't. Other peoples insecurities are not yours to mend! My mistake... Was that for a good number of years I had to shelter my spirit and dumb it down to appease the company that I was keeping, to make them feel more important and vibrant and alive, I killed myself... little by little. BIg Mistake

At the start of this journey I was responsible and together, and quite boring... In the end...I found my spirit, I found a sense of adventure, and I lost all my control... I lost the need to know that everything is in place all of the time. I found my shambles and I embraced it, and I hold onto it Dearly 2012 is my Yes year... so ask me a question and the answer will most likely be a yes, especially if it something that I haven't done before.

" God has a different plan for you Mary" She said to me one night, whilst we sat in the light of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul... and sometimes you just have to live with the peace and harmony in knowing that.

Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Istanbul, The people We met along the way and the laughter and Joy that came along with it, I treasure each and every moment.

I thank my Friend, confidant and soul sister... for it would not have been possible without you and I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life:)

Stay tuned for the #foreignproblems of our trip to Greece and Turkey

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